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hip loaded system (2.52) When carrying a load on the back with a shoulder harness only, all the weight is transferred through the vertabrae to the legs - thus causing considerable fatigue. By using a hip belt as with our carriers, up to 70% of your childs weight can be transmitted directly from the pelvic girdle to the legs, bypassing the vulnerable shoulder and back regions. This allows the shoulder and stomach muscles to relax - thus achieving a high level of comfort not available by any other method of carrying your child. To achieve this, the hipbelt and harness assembly have to fit the profile of each individual. The distance between the shoulders and pelvic girdle varies dependent on stature and height. To accomodate these variations the carrier is adjustable by altering the distance between the harness and the hipbelt using a 3 point adjustable frame...making the carrier suitable for all shapes of Mums and Dads

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